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Our Four Core Tutoring Programs

We Tutor. We Teach. We Train.

Small Steps, Big Leaps is our philosophy with tutoring at The Learning Space in Vaughan. Our focus is not only to ensure your child achieves good grades but comprehends concepts and understands the purpose of applying knowledge. With each small step your child takes, he or she also takes a leap towards a bright future full of education and success.

Our teachers are qualified and trained to be able to reach out to your child on a non-intimidating level in order to show him or her that learning can be a positive experience and most of all, fun! The Learning Space’s custom curriculums have a variety of activities that assist students with memory retention, test or exam preparation, comprehension, organization, paragraph and essay writing, and also basic fundamentals in order to strengthen your child’s foundational skills.

The Learning Space offers four (4) types of programs and summer camps for students of all ages working at either a remedial, an applied or advanced level. Unlike some learning centers, the student to teacher ratio is always between 1:1 and 3:1 to ensure that your child receives the perfect balance between personal assistance, independent working and social interaction. Our in-depth assessments target the developmental level of your child and measures your child’s cognitive, comprehensive and social capabilities in order to create a customized curriculum suited towards your child’s specific needs.

Don’t be fooled by the promises of private tutoring! The Learning Space targets the root of your child’s needs and strengthens his or her skills from the foundation up. Whereas private tutoring only acts as a bandage, temporarily covering up your child’s weaknesses, The Learning Space rids your child or any fundamental confusion and ensures that his or her success is something that will last!

Invest in your child’s future today to not only make a difference in his or her grades but a difference in his or her self esteem and confidence when confronting any problem, whether in school or in life. Contact us for a free consultation, or visit our location to see how much fun learning can be first hand!

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What Else Do We Offer?

  • Fun Learning Environment for Teens & Children Teaching Skills Lasting a Lifetime.
  • Individualized Programs Created by OCT Teachers Allowing Children to Move at Own Pace
  • Helping Your Child Get Better School Grades By Retaining Information Longer For Tests and Exams
  • EQAO Preparation, Study Skills, & Homework Support for Children of All Ages
  • Camp for Summer Break That Is Entertaining & Academically Focused
  • Free Consultation and Regular Progress Reports to Monitor Improvement
  • All Subjects Including Maths, Sciences, English & French Tutoring

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