No, our services are tax free.

Contact us locally 905-417-2424 or toll free 855-633-0075; email us using the form provided on the Contact Us Page, or visiting us: 3737 Major Mackenzie Drive Unit #G102 Vaughan, ON L4H 0A2.  If you decide to drop in for more information, we advise you to call first to make sure the centre director in on site to answer any of your questions.

No, we do not need our ducts cleaned.

No , we are privately owned and 100% Canadian owned and operated.

Unfortunately, no. We’ve tried offering private one on one tutoring for students in the past as a convenient alternative to coming into our centre but found that it was simply bandaging the problems because the students heavily relied on the tutor and did not progress. We also feel that the protection and safety of our tutors and students would be less risky at our location where our directors can monitor the groups. More can be found in our blog post HERE.

Yes, we do. Please call us with a description of the item or ask your child to look through the box before he / she attends class.

The Learning Space will provide regular progress reviews both written and verbally. Parents are always welcome to discuss any questions or concerns they might have with our program advisers.

We require a commitment from both the parents and students to attend their scheduled classes regularly and make up any missed classes within a month. The students must be committed to working hard and willing to put forth an effort in order to see results.

Typically a child would spend approximately two hours a week. This will vary depending on the program.

The costs will vary depending on the programs. We do offer discounts for multiple enrollments and time blocks purchased as well as referrals.

The Learning Space is one of the few learning centre’s that uses a cognitive approach to teaching. This method works by teaching students “how to learn” effectively by training them to use their cognitive skills. Please see the following post for more information: Why the Cognitive Approach?

Our assessment tools will help us determine the level your child will begin in our programs.

Yes. Most children have the potential to catch up given the proper tools. Our customized programs are tailored to provide these tools.

The Ontario curriculum specifies that a child should be reading and writing simple sentences by the time he / she enters grade one. The Learning Space has taught a number of children to learn to read as early as age three through our proper support system and environment. Please note that each child progresses at a different pace.

The Learning Space works with students who are on an IEP (Individual Education Plan). Other special needs would need to be evaluated on a case by case basis.

The Learning Space focuses on building and developing your child’s cognitive skills. This will ultimately help your child learn effectively and achieve better grades, retain information for longer periods of time; perform better on tests and examinations; and develop confidence.

The Learning Space’s qualified and caring teachers are trained to work specifically with our methodology of cognitive based teaching. Our teachers create independent thinkers and learners so the child may reach a level where they no longer need support.

Yes, you can use your tuition amount at The Learning Space to help recover some costs at the end of the year. More information can be found HERE.

The Learning Space is a cognitive based learning centre that helps each child develop a commitment to personal and academic growth through customized programs designed by academic professionals. We provide students with the tools they need beyond school, including thinking clearly, goal setting, problem solving, concentration, comprehension, communication and social skills. The Learning Space provides a safe and comfortable learning environment where our teachers motivate students to build confidence and improve self-esteem resulting in enhanced learning and better grades.

Students have many teachers in their lifetimes. However, only a few of these teachers they remember as being exceptionally good. These are the teachers that make students excited about learning. Our teachers challenge and encourage their students while teaching them to think “outside of the box”. At The Learning Space we believe there are four key components that make exceptional teachers: knowledge, communication, interest, and respect. We use these concepts to motivate students.

The Learning Space offers programs to children of all skill levels including remedial, basic, and advanced.

Our approach to cognitive based learning is mentor based and interactive where teaching and learning is a dialogue.  We do however occasionally use computers and tablets for certain themes and subjects.

We support the Ontario educational system and it’s current curriculum. We do however have options for your child that you can read HERE.

The Smarty Pants Preschool Program works with children as early as the age of 3.  We ask that your child is potty trained at a very minimum.
Our newest program Smarty Pints Kindergarten Program enrols children in both JK and SK. Our Skill Builders Tutoring Program works with children from grades one to eight. We also support all high school students with our High School Program.

We differ from traditional tutoring because we go beyond homework help to find the root of what is holding your child back through our in depth assessments. The analysis of the assessment enables our program developers to design customized curriculums for all students. We also challenge students who are working at or beyond grade level by enriching their skills and offering traditional homework support.

The Learning Space uses two types of assessments. One measures students’ cognitive potential and the other evaluates the academic achievement levels. Our assessments differ from other tutoring centres because we use the most professionally respected tests that accurately evaluate specific cognitive and academic abilities of individuals.

Please refer to the following post on our blog that describes cognitive learning.