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Here's Some Reviews About The Learning Space:

Karen MacIverLux
MacIver-Lux Auditory Learning Services

Three years ago, my daughter woke up one morning and asked me if she could stay home from school. I asked her why, and she responded, "I don't feel good when I go to school. It's too hard."

If that weren't enough, her teacher was reporting challenges in reading comprehension and math, which I couldn't really see at home. We would study the evening before with perfect scores on practice tests, and yet, she would bring home grades that were astonishingly low. Was it anxiety? Was it a learning disability? Was I expecting too much of her?

We tried private tutoring, but this seemed to add to her anxiety and did not help her grades. It was more homework, and more rote memory tasks. It wasn't any different from what my husband and I were providing at home.

A loud whisper of intuition led me to meet with The Learning Space. Pretty quickly into our conversation, I could see that this tutoring space is different from all the others. They indicated that their main priority was to help my daughter a) regain confidence in learning, ) confidence in her abilities and skills, and c) to overcome her challenges by using her interests/passions as teaching tools. The Learning Space was good as their word, and they worked i to help my daughter regain confidence and a love of learning..and the rest (grades) fell into place like dominoes.

Last year, our daughter finished school with an average in the high 80's which placed her on the honour role. More importantly, she finished school year a happy, confident girl who enjoys going to school. She loves coming to her tutoring classes, and feels great about what she is able to contribute in her classes at school. Her teachers, are thrilled with the progress she has made; not only commenting on her grades but her improved attention to tasks, executive functioning, organizational/self study skills, and willingness to ask for clarification or assistance. These skills to me, are worth more than all the diamonds in the world.

Thank you for helping us help our daughter reach her highest learning potential. Your investment of time and care in her, is the kind that will pay out dividends throughout her lifetime.

Aaron King Investors Group
Investor's Group

We have had a wonderful experience. Our child’s reading has improved tremendously due to the caring atmosphere at the Centre. The Staff genuinely care about your children, their growth and results. We enthusiastically endorse The Learning Space as the BEST resource in Vaughan to improve your child’s academic performance.

Monique Olowolafe

The Learning Space offers a fantastic academic learning program. It exceeded my expectations. They were able to asses my daughter for her learning needs and create a program to help her reach new educational milestones. Mandeep is warm, attentive, nurturing and caring. She creates a learning environment suitable for young children, that not only meets their academic needs, but their emotional needs as well. This school is super amazing and I would highly recommend their preschool program. 

The Healing Mix
Now For Mothers.com

The Learning Space is exactly what my nephew needed. He has benefited from the attentiveness of the staff who were willing to contour the activities to his specific needs. I see a sense of confidence in him that was not there earlier while he was at another more known tutoring institute. They insisted that he follow a certain 'method' and truthfully he fell behind as we were told by his teachers at school. At the Learning Space he was encouraged to look at math and reading in more engaging ways and his teachers at school have been commending his progress. We are thankful to the couple who recommended this for him.

Jamie Lewis

My wife and I are both teachers, and we are amazed with the progress our son has made in such a short time. He has been attending the Smarty Pants Preschool program part time for the past 2 months. He has learned the sound of the letters in the alphabet, and is writing out his letters and numbers. Furthermore, we have really seen him develop a passion for learning. This program is very well organized and the staff are compassionate and committed to helping the kids progress both socially and cognitively.

Krin Hupp

Thank you for all your wisdom and guidance this year. My son truly needed the extra one-on-one attention and we are so appreciative for all that you have done for him. You are very gifted with children. Thank you for sharing your talents.

Fanny G.

We are very pleased with your commitment to our daughter and the wonderful progress we have observed as parents and the positive feedback we have received from her educators. We are extremely grateful. Thank you!

Thank you for all your help and support this year! You have made our experience enjoyable and memorable.

– Teresa, Supportive Mother

Thank you very much for your hard work and dedication. We are very grateful for your patience and positive energy you displayed everyday. Our daughters will definitely miss everyone. They loved coming to The Learning Space and always had a smile on their faces. Thank you for teaching them and preparing them for kindergarten. They have developed many skills and learned many things that will make their transition to kindergarten very smooth.

– Maria, Thankful Mother

I had some doubts about your claims of some children being able to read at age 3. As I mentioned to you in our initial meeting, I tried teaching her on my own but didn’t know how or where to start. Both my husband and I have demanding work schedules and your services have certainly lessened our work load. Our evenings with our daughter is now spent doing more enjoyable things and having HER read to US before bed is certainly a treat. I am an advocate of your services and will recommend you in the future without hesitation!

– Lisa, Amazed Mother

My boys have displayed an awesome level of progress in such a short time since enrolling them at The Learning Space. They are also much more confident, happy, and eager to learn. The staff at The Learning Space are so friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. These traits show in their commitment and dedication towards my boys. I highly recommend everyone to The Learning Space.

– Marge, Impressed Mother

My daughters are eager and happy to attend each class due to the warm and positive environment. I am especially happy with the individualized programs. There is great communication between the staff and the parents.

– Maria, Appreciative Mother

The Learning Space is the best! Safe when you need help with your child’s education. The staff is awesome, professional, helpful & friendly. My son loves going there. Ever since my son started with them his grades are much better. He got confidence & independance doing his homework. I just want to say thank you to all the staff for doing a wonderful job!

– Sara, Grateful Mother

Just a quick message to thank you for tutoring my son. I am very pleased with everything including his grades, and the experience we’ve to date had has been incredible.

– Carla, Thankful Mother

I’m still surprised at the fact that both my children remind me to drop them off at The Learning Space for their tutoring sessions. Thanks for the great service and continued support.

– Victor, Surprised Father

The tutoring services by The Learning Space are nothing like the others in Vaughan. I’ve tried a couple of other math tutors for our son including a certified teacher but none of them matched the quality and professionalism your centre employs. Most importantly, my son’s math teacher has been impressed with his recent work ethic and his grades have been a reflection of his better grasp at math because of your work with him. His teacher also told me that he has been going out of his way to help other’s in the class with certain concepts as well. Very well done and thank you!

– Nadia, Impressed Mother

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