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Summer Break

Sick of sitting around and doing nothing? For many parents, they find the easiest solution to this problem is to allow their children to stay home and have the opportunity to relax and play, or to find someone who can look after their child from the comfort of their home. Some parents feel as though being able to relax for a two month span, will allow their child the opportunity to be refreshed and eager to begin the upcoming school year in September. In reality, one of the most difficult factors that parents tend to experience at the end of the summer break is trying to help their child gain the motivation and willpower to re-enter the classroom.

Studies have shown that children, who attend educational summer break camps, are actually more likely to excel in the upcoming school year, thus holding a clear advantage for their future success. Albert Einstein once said: “Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think”, and he was absolutely correct. Our brains are vital organs that work in accordance to the way we train them. The harder we work, the more dedicated we are to learn, and the more we practice our learning skills, the stronger our brains will become. We are beings that never stop learning, and a summer break from school should not be an excuse to stop.

Summer break should not be entirely about staying home, going to the park, or playing in the backyard, because there should always be a balance in what we do. At The Learning Space, we are excited to provide that balance. By the end of the summer, we aim to help your children be eager to practice their new skills and show their new teacher everything they have learned. While making the transition into the new school year an easier one, and preventing your child’s mind from going into hibernation, enrolling your child in The Learning Space Summer Camp will also give yourself the time you need throughout the day to go to work, to do errands, to complete chores, and to take part in any necessary tasks, all while knowing your child is in trusted and good hands.

The Summer Camp features weekly enrollment beginning in July and ending in August just before school begins. Each week is unique with special exciting guests helping us impacting lives through real experience. Allow us to build and expand on your child’s individual needs and make learning fun one week at at time. For more information, please visit Summer Camp or call us at 905-417.2424. If you are not in our Summer Camp you are camping out.

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